INPROSU for your International Project Support

Whether your consider optimization of business processes or ICT implementation; many projects are difficult to establish or even end up in disaster, due to lack of manpower and expertise.

From idea to project initiation, from kick-off to go-live;
your project will be a success with INPROSU!

INPROSU provides the Senior Project Manager with international experience in ICT projects, 
but also the Business Consultant or a skilled and rapidly deployable Interim Manager for positions in ICT, Operations or Logistics.

The approach of INPROSU encompasses:
- Initialisation and Kick-Off
- Blueprinting the As-Is and To-Be situation including gap analysis
- Design, configuration and documentation
- Training and acceptation tests
- Preparations to Go-Live
- Startup and post Go-Live support
- Handover to regular support

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