International Project Management

Strengthen your competitive position by optimizing your ICT
Every project starts with defining the desired end result. The road to a successful project is the biggest challenge for you. Which steps to go, how to get the manpower available, how to avoid the pitfalls, how to control budget and to ensure the progress? It becomes a real challenge if your project requires international collaboration.

INPROSU provides the Senior Project Manager with experience in Europe and China.


Strengthen your competitive position by optimizing your business processes
Your business flows are not running optimally, resulting in a falling productivity, customer dissatisfaction, decreasing sales and thus reduction of profit. The obvious solutions to this problem are not always relevant. First, a thorough and effective analysis is to be made about the causes of the decreasing efficiency in your business, translated into a thorough plan to turn the tide. But where to get the knowledge and manpower?

INPROSU provides the experienced Business Consultant.

Interim Management

Strengthen your competitive position by adding experience
A manager is released, divisions are drifting and on-going improvements freeze. Where to find a professional on short notice and isnít it the right time to first revise the position?

INPROSU provides the experienced and rapidly deployable Interim Manager

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